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Outfitting Your Bathroom With The Right Flooring

Your bathroom sees foot traffic, water, and the occasional spill. Look for flooring that ties beauty and utility to make the most of your bathroom.


Your bathroom floor must deal with the elements of your everyday life. You walk back and forth on it getting ready in the morning then you splash water getting out of the tub or brushing your teeth at the end of the night. Foot traffic, water, spills and slips; your bathroom floor sees it all.

Which is why selecting the flooring in your bathroom is a harmonious dance of function and visual splendor. When tied in with the right elements, your bathroom is a comfortable and beautiful getaway. At the same time, you can’t completely surrender durability and resistance for aesthetics.

Here are a few popular options, and some aspects to think about when choosing your bathroom flooring.


Easily one of the most popular choices in bathrooms, tile is durable, waterproof, easy to maintain and stain resistant. With all of those advantages the popularity is easy to understand. In addition, you can have your tile cut and shaped into all types of presentations, and the colors and finishes leave plenty of leeway for you to get creative. Checkered, textured, or bright and vibrant, tile has the options you need. The cool, hard underfoot – especially in the winter – and its susceptibility to slipping are perhaps the only true negatives in terms of functionality.


Tiles of vinyl are typically sold in nine and twelve inch units that are an easier DIY project than other forms of flooring. Vinyl is also available in sheets, which come in an array of colors, patterns and textures that can mimic stone, tile or wood. This makes vinyl a versatile choice for many homeowners. Compared to other forms of bathroom flooring, vinyl is soft underfoot and protects against traffic and water penetration.


Marble is purchased in large, thin slabs or in smaller tiles. Before choosing slab marble, it is smart to first check with a professional to ensure that your structure can support its weight or if it needs to be reinforced. If you do install marble, you will find that it will provide your bathroom with an elegant, smooth and very durable flooring. You should be careful or take precaution when placing marble around showers and tubs as it can be slippery when wet.


Selecting wood flooring creates a cozy, rustic feel for your bathroom. Wood is always an endearing choice; however, in a bathroom you must be aware of the potential for moisture damage. Make sure your wood is well-coated with a urethane finish to prevent damage from occurring. Similarly, avoid planks that have beveled edges where water can collect in the grooves.

These are just a few options you can apply in your bathroom; there are a number of other stones and laminates that may work for you as well. Finding the right blend of function and presentation will make your bathroom an area in your home to cherish.

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