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Laminate Flooring: All the Look, Without the Cost

Every homeowner wants to add style to their interior. With laminates, you can get all the look of a high-end floor at a fraction of the cost.


You want the interior of your home to look beautiful. But that doesn’t mean you should spend two months of your salary on it, especially if you can achieve a similar look at a fraction of the cost. There are options for every part of your home’s interior.

Laminate flooring provides a cost effective and low maintenance alternative to many flooring selections. Advancements in manufacturing technology allow planks or tiles of laminate to imitate hardwood, stone or ceramic tile with astounding precision at a much lower cost. For example, laminates can be priced 25 to 30 percent less than real wood. Though wood prices vary, laminates are consistently more affordable.

Family or friends that visit will hardly notice the difference in materials, but your bank account will have the proof.

Because laminates come in a number of different distinctions, the versatility of the flooring grows as well. You can capture the look you want in nearly any room.

In kitchens or dining areas, laminates mimic stone or ceramic tile without the incessant cleaning or need for grout. In addition, laminates are warmer in the wintertime than stone or tile and are less likely to cause broken glass, if you happen to drop one.

In your living areas or bedrooms, wood floors add elegance. However, laminates come in a wide array of grain patterns, finishes and designs to fashion the appearance of wood in your space. Laminates won’t catch dirt in cracks and grooves like wood nor will they fade in direct sunlight, thanks to a resin wear layer.

Laminates are also resistant to scratches, which is a great attraction for homeowners with busy families or pets.

For the do-it-yourself homeowners, laminates are a great option and provide just another way to save a little money. Compared to other flooring, laminates are typically the most conducive to owner installation. Manufacturers often provide step-by-step installation instructions in addition to easy no-glue or snap-together options. Still, be sure to look for reliable brands and gather the appropriate tools to ensure quality installation.

Integrating laminates into your home décor is easy and affordable. You can have the look you want at the cost you are willing to pay.

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