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Stone Flooring: A Versatile & Enduring Choice

Your home demands a lot out of your flooring. Stone provides an option that yields aesthetic appeal without giving up functionality.


Combining style and practicality is of significance to every person shopping for flooring. You want your floors to look beautiful, but you also want them to hold up under the strains of everyday use.

Stone is one flooring option that can offer equal parts elegance and endurance for your home. Below are a few highlights, as well as some things to keep in mind, when selecting stone for your living spaces.

Decisions, Decisions

Selecting stone can afford you with plenty of choices. The wide range of types, colors and finishes will provide limitless design potential for your imagination to play with. From granite to limestone and marble, each piece of stone contains nuances that differentiate itself from the next. Imperfections, veining and its origin take a part in making every stone unique, which can be applied to the individual requirements you may have.

Kitchens and baths are often the first places you think of to install stone, but it can be used in a number of areas around your home. Outdoor spaces, fireplace settings and hallways or dining areas are all great places for stone as well.

Further, stone can be cut in a variety of ways to adapt to your personal style. If you want larger tiles for a kitchen or smaller pieces for a hallway or mudroom, stone can be shaped to fit your desires.

Withstanding Your Demands

Stone is formed through centuries of aging, enduring extreme weather conditions on land and in the sea. So it is ready for the toughest tests your home has to offer.

When other materials might crack or become disfigured in adverse heat, stone will hold its original look and feel. In addition, stone is water resistant and easy to clean, making its durability a feature that can be used in a number of places in your home. Similarly, laying stone in high traffic areas will remove the worry of earlier than expected replacement.

The main threats to stone are abrasive grit and acidic fluids like lemons juice, wine and vinegar. There are finishes to choose from, depending on the type of stone you choose and your lifestyle, to combat potential damage.

Know Before You Begin

In preparation for your stone to be installed, make sure that the subfloor is structurally sound, rigid, smooth, flat, and free of curing compounds and waxy or oily films. This is the most important step in knowing that your flooring will be properly laid.

Because of its unique qualities, installing stone in your home should be handled professionally. It is a time intensive and challenging process and hiring a seasoned professional will make it easier and worry-free.

Stone contains many inherent qualities that can be applied to your new home or future renovation. And with its abundance of options, you can find a perfect application for every circumstance.

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